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Famous Inventor Biographies

He showed us we could control electricity and make it do things for us. His pioneering experiments basically started the field of electrical studies.
Inventor responsible for practical electric power generation, the electric ligh bulb, the phonograph, and thousands of other things.
Steinmetz was the father of, and original master of alternating current. He was the first to create artificial lightning.
The first to patent the AC motor, invented the Tesla coil, what would become flourescent lights, and was probably the original "mad scientist".
Inventor of the telephone, a wireless telephone using a light beam, the metal detector, among many other things.
Westinghouse's claim to fame was the air brake, used on trains, and much later, on large trucks. He is responsible in part for the electrification of the world.
Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. Have you ever used one? The one you used was invented by Emile Berliner, and was called the "Gramophone". The "Grammy" awards are named for it.
Otis Boykin didn't invent the resistor - he made it practical for use in mass produced appliances and devices. His original designs are still in use today.